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About Dublin 

Dublin is Ireland’s capital city with a vibrant culture, world-class job market and friendly citizens. It’s relatively small size and great public transport system means that it is easy to get around. Centred on the River Liffey, the city is filled with historic buildings and cobbled streets but close to the stunning Irish countryside – framed by rugged mountains and wide sea views.


Dublin, Ireland

  • As one of Europe’s leading business cities, you will find the offices many world-renowned multinationals along the Dublin Docklands. There are over 500 businesses located in this area; from Apple, Google and Facebook, to JP Morgan, Bank of America and Amazon, to Pzifer, Aldi and McDonalds.
  • 40% of Dublin’s population are aged 30 or under, so it’s no surprise that there is always something to do. There is a buzzing nightlife, you will find many great restaurants and live music in most of the pubs. There is often music festivals and concerts, as well as big sporting events and local markets on the weekends.
  • As far as capital cities go, Dublin is fairly compact and easy to travel around. Walking and cycling are viable options but the city has a great public transport system too.


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