What our CELTA graduates say about the course

CELTA testimonial

What our CELTA graduates say about the course

For years, we have been successfully helping students to begin their journey to teach English as a foreign language and kickstart their career as English teachers. The CELTA qualification is the most widely recognised teaching qualification in the world and is awarded by Cambridge English.

See what some of our CELTA graduates have to say about heir experience of taking the CELTA course at Foyle.

“The course content is excellent, every area was covered and I particularly appreciated the attention given to professional development once the course is finished, for example with tips for interviews and useful websites. This aspect felt very supportive and genuinely caring of our success, something I have rarely seen in other courses or universities.

The centre had very good facilities and a lovely IT team to help any time, so big thank you them. Everyone was always available to help or even just to have a friendly chat, I particularly want to thank reception, who have been wonderful all along this bumpy road.

Our tutors were fantastic: passionate about their profession and incredibly supportive. Watching them teach was an inspiring experience. Their feedback was always constructive and oriented towards personal growth and the inputs were carefully tailored towards our needs. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and patience.”

Marjorie Frick

Completed the CELTA in 2019

“I completed CELTA in Foyle International in the summer of 2019. I had already completed an online TEFL. After much deliberation I chose to enrol on the CELTA course. I’m very happy I did enrol on the course as it helped build best practice into my teaching ability. Although it was difficult, it was a rewarding and challenging course for me. The tutors that delivered the course were the best. After completing CELTA, I realise now how superior this course is to any online version of TEFL. The difference is night and day.

My only advice to anyone considering CELTA is to be really sure you want it and when you realise it is what you want, put your heart and soul into it. If you enrol for the month long course, cancel everything in your diary for that month and focus 100% on CELTA. The difficulty of the course will be rewarded by gaining the qualification, as CELTA has opened up doors for me from the moment I started the course. I am now working in a language school in Spain.

Foyle International is a great school to deliver it. The facilities are great, it’s centrally located, the staff are the best and they deliver an excellent course with top notch tutors. I would consider CELTA THE door opener for your career as a TEFL teacher.”

Martin Mullan

Completed the CELTA in 2019

“Although I had previously obtained a degree in teacher English as a foreign language, to actually teach English I required a qualification that assessed my practical teaching skills. Therefore, I chose to take a CELTA course, so that I could receive a qualification that is world recognised and that would provide me with opportunities to teach and also travel the world.

The CELTA course is a compact course that lightly covers different teaching methodologies and learners’ learning styles as well as a great amount of practical teaching skills, teaching preparation, classroom management and a whole lot more! I loved the teaching practice sessions where we could apply the skills we had learnt in a real classroom situation with real students.

Another great opportunity was being able to observe experienced teachers work their magic in the classroom. Despite being a huge amount of information packed into a very short space of time this system gives you an idea of what it is like to be a real teacher, planning and teaching with limited time

Foyle International provided with everything we needed and every member of staff was very helpful and friendly.

I had brilliant tutors, they were very helpful and had a great sense of humour. Such a beautiful team, together with my course mates. It was such an amazing experience!”

Victoria Duddy

Completed the CELTA course in 2018

If you are interested in applying for the CELTA, please get in touch with kelley@foyle.eu

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