CAE Preparation Course – Evening English

CAE Preparation Course – Evening English



The Cambridge CAE Preparation course will not only prepare you with the skills & strategies you need for the exam, but it will also help you to communicate confidently and fluently in most social, professional and study situations.

The Cambridge Assessment English CAE Preparation course is ideal for:

– those who have an initial starting level of B2 in the CEFR
– those who wish to communicate in English confidently, fluently and correctly
– those who wish to improve their overall proficiency in English
– those who wish to live, work or study through the medium of English

The 120 hour course is divided into two semesters of 12 weeks each. Areas covered in the course include:

• Advanced English Vocabulary
• Advanced English Grammar
• Fluency Development
• Pronunciation
• CAE Exam Practice – Skills and Strategies (for all exam papers)
• Minimum of 5 hours homework / self-study per week

Date: Monday 22nd October 2019


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