Nursing Programme


Our Nursing Programme provides a pathway for individuals who were trained as a nurse overseas, whatever their level of experience, to gain UK nursing registration, giving them the opportunity to apply for Registered Nursing positions within the United Kingdom. This optional module is available to complete the chosen pathway of a students’ degree.


Course Outline

Course DurationStrand AStrand B
Visa Duration12 months16 months
Mode of StudyFull time, 4 hours per dayFull time, 4 hours per day
Entrance RequirementsB2 or IELTS 6.0B1 or IELTS 5.0
NotesTier 4 Visa (no work permission)Tier 4 Visa (no work permission)
Minimum Age18 years old18 years old

The course is divided into two semesters:

Semester 1

  • OET Preparation
  • General English Preparation
  • Cultural Orientation and Adaptation
  • OSCE Part 1 Preparation (CBT)

The first semester will help you to improve your general English and communication skills. The course provides 15 hours per week of general English and 5 hours of OET preparation. During these morning lessons your teacher will work on all areas of the OET test: Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing. Practice includes examination tasks and mock exams.

An individual log is kept of your scores to highlight stronger skills and pinpoint weaker areas for further development. The aim of this is to show progression and to form the basis for assigning supplementary work to improve on these areas. In addition, the course will also cover study techniques, research methods, IT skills, self-development and cultural awareness in order to help you prepare effectively for third level education or employment in an English-speaking environment.

In addition we provide an afternoon programme of talks and tours which compliment morning lessons, allowing you to meet and interview local residents and gain real-life practice and experience with your language.

Preparation will also be given for the Pearson CBT Test to enable students to pass OSCE Part 1.

Semester 2

  • Higher OET
  • OSCE Part 2 Preparation
  • Medical English

The second semester aims to further develop your language skills for OET, and to prepare you to take the test of competency (OSCE Part 2) to facilitate NMC registration.

The OSCE is designed to assess your ability to competently apply your professional nursing or midwifery skills and knowledge in the UK. It is set at the level expected of nurses and midwives as they enter the profession (at the point of registration). This means you must show that you are capable of applying knowledge to the care of patients at the level expected of a newly registered nurse or midwife.

The units offered during this semester will range from understanding the cultural and working environment, note taking and treatments. At each unit of the course the student will be introduced to:

  • New language related to the unit theme.
  • Further practice and introduction to a variety of medical documents
  • Reading of articles related to the unit theme
  • Bringing together language studied in the unit within the context of a case history

The course uses authentic cases, which have been drawn from a range of specialisms as diverse as obstetrics, ophthalmology and neurology. All texts used on the course will be taken from the most up to date journals.

How do I enrol?

To request an application pack, or to discuss the programme in more detail please contact our course coordinator at


Regional Representatives

Iran/Middle East Region

Please contact our regional representative in Tehran, Viona Sadeghi at or telephone 09122188100 for more information



Please contact our regional representative in India, KCR Consultants at or telephone +91 44 2836 1355 / 2836 1356 for more information