Past EU Projects

Pre-2016 Projects

We have been at the forefront of improving quality in our VET mobility programmes by being involved in a number of projects over the years, including Leonardo daVinci Partnership, Accompanying Measures and Transfer of Innovation projects and  Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships.

We have been involved in focusing on the researching, experimenting and implementation of ECVET principles and in VET practices. We have worked on projects which analysed vocational guidance practices and provided support to organizations offering VET and are now involved in Youth projects.

We have also worked on a number of projects which focuses on improvement of professional and vocational language and the creation on linguistic learning platforms.

August 2013 – July 2015

ECVET Mobility NET

  • Project Number: 2013-1-FR1-LEO04-49591
  • Type of Project: LdV Partnership

Our partnership focuses on the fight againt unemployment using mobility programs to help participants improve their career portfolios and by setting up a network of organisations specialised in the management of mobility programs for people in the labour market. The project allowed for a meeting and an exchange between the various partners (all operators of mobility) in order to improve the mobility services in each partners’ country. The project aimed to improve the recognition and certification of mobility programs and allowed us to experiement using ECVET tools and principles and recognising the development and acquiring of skills of our beneficiaries. We also created a Guide of Best Practices which can be used by other organisations within their mobility projects.

August 2013 – July 2015

Ready – Steady – Internship Project 

  • Project Number: 2013-1-FR1-LEO05-48139
  • Type of Project: LdV TOI

As part of compulsory internships to be performed in Germany, a tool was developed “Internship Box” (PRAKTIKUMSBOX) for students and teachers. The R-S-I project aimed to transfer, adapt and develop this tool and to make it universal, making the material available to schools so that it would become an integral part of careers in schools and trianing in the following countries: France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Poland in order to enhance the preparation, adaptation and evaluation. The Internship box considered the context and the school system in each partner country involved in the project. A website was set up to present companies who offer internships and to offer advice and information to students regarding the world of work.

June 2012 – May 2014

Tourism Mobility for Culture 

  • Project Number: 2012-1-GB2-LEO02-08078
  • Type of Project: LdV Mobility

The aim of the project was to target those who wanted to gain skills and qualifications to enable them to get better jobs to support themselves. The TMC project gave 30 participants, who were successfully recruited, the opportunity to undertake a 13 week training period within a Tourism/Event Management role in countries such as Spain, France, Malta and Germany. The project was extremely successful in that it helped 73% of participants secure employment or progress into further education.

August 2012 – July 2014 

iVOC – International supporting network for Vocational and Academic Guidance Staff

  • Project Number: 2012-1-DE2-LEO04-11725
  • Type of Project: LdV Partnership

The iVOC Project involved partners from 10 European countries. It analysed current offers for vocational and academic guidance within the involved partner countries as well as in their educational systems. It identified different methodologies, contents & added-value within different occupational fields and across the partmering countries. It focused on the transfer of knowledge, the intercultural dialogue & the exchange of experiences. The project supported educational staff from companies and vocational schools by setting out curriculum, recommending evaluation tools and drafting a staff competence profile.

September 2012 – August 2014

Welcome: Languages for Hospitality 

  • Project Number: 2012-1-PT1-LEO05-1122
  • Type of Project: LdV TOI

Welcome – Languages for Hospitality, an LLP Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project, brings together specialised VET partners from four different countries – Portugal, Spain, France and Northern Ireland – specialised in language learning and with close links to the hospitality sector. The project aim was to make a major contribution, in an entirely practical sense, towards economic development by creating a vocationally-oriented language learning platform for two fundamentally important areas of the hospitality sector, a sector which is considered to be a pillar of the national economy and a crucial factor of economic recovery in all four partner countries.

October 2012 – September 2014

Q-Mentor: Quality Assurance in mobility – mentoring and learning outcomes

  • Project Number: 2012 DE/12/LLP-LdV/TOI/147552 
  • Type of Project: LdV TOI

The project created a handbook for mentors of companies across the EU offering training opportunities for mobility expereinces. Partners also designed a curriculum and hosted a number of workshops with host companies in their local areas. The aim is to train mentors in and make them familiar with ECVET instruments and also to raise the quality of mentoring by focusing on the learning outcomes of the training period.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the hanbook please contact

October 2011 – September 2012 

Leonardo Experience

MOB 2.0 – Promotion of LDV Mobility Results over MOB 2.0 Social Network Platform

  • Project Number: 517566-LLP-1-2011-1-SI-LEONARDO-LAM
  • Type of Project: LdV Accompanying Measure

Connecting thousands of European Mobility Participants, Employers and Mobility Organisations to the platform to learn more about mobility, share expereinces and success stories, find new opportunities to live and work abroad, develop international professional career pathways and re-connect with old friends and meet new ones.

T-Tactic @ School

  • Project Number: 2011-1-IT1-LEO05-01952
  • Type of Project: LdV TOI

The main aim of the project was to equip secondary schools and vocational training centres with competences and tools to manage and mentor international work placements experiences, integrated with their curricular activities; with competences and tools to recognise, certify and validate competences acquired by the participants to the international mobility projects. Indirectly the project aimed at improving the quality of the international mobility projects

October 2010 – September 2012

EuPQua ECVET: European Partnership for Quality and Implementation of the European Credit System in VET

  • Project Number: 2010-1-DE2-LEO04-04798-1
  • Type of Project: LdV Partnership

EuPQua ECVET is the continuation of the successfully implemented partnership “EuPQua – European Partnership for Quality in Vocational Training” but with a rather different focus –further improvement of mobility project’s quality by defining modules of learning outcomes in the following training courses: Building Services/Media Designer/Nursery School Teacher/Cartographer. Parallel to the partnership, where we examined the modularisation of the training courses, IVT mobility projects for learners/ trainees took place in compliance with the ECVET priority.

September 2010 – August 2012 

Mobility Excellence – European Bridge for Competence Recognition


  • Project Number: DE/10/LLP-LdV/ToI/147346
  • Type of Project: LdV TOI

The aim of the project is to build a bridge for competence recognition used by stakeholders in UK, France, Malta & Germany within IVET mobilities. The CEMES competence evaluation tool has been adapted and transferred to facilitate the introduction of an ECVET system. The result The MobEx project has helped to develop a high level of quality assurance between the partners for future mobilities. As a result of activities to date, the partners have already seen an improvement in assessment and evaluation of placements within the Hotel and Business Administration sector.

Speak Up! Facilitating Mobility of European workers by the use of Professional Languages

  • Project Number: 2010-1-ES1-LEO 05-21227
  • Type of Project: LdV TOI


The Speak Up! project aims to improve workers mobility processes across Europe by means of facilitating the learning of the language of the destination country, focusing on the specific terminology that workers have to use in their respective professional fields. The project created a multilingual online platform that enables workers from all around Europe to learn the professional vocabulary, expressions and key notions of 10 different occupations developed in 6 languages.