Work Internships UK & Ireland

We offer a range of work internships and placements across the island of Ireland. Professional work experience is a great way to add an international element to your CV and improve your level of English. Programmes can range from 4 weeks to 6 months in duration. We offer a vast range of placement sectors – from hospitality and tourism, to teaching and social care, to pharmaceuticals and marketing.

We offer internships in both the North of Ireland (UK) and in the Republic of Ireland.


Foyle International is an Erasmus+ partner and has participated in mobility programmes for over 20 years. Internships can be funded through ERASMUS+ or they can be funded privately (EU students only).

In the Republic of Ireland, our work internships and KA2 projects are under Foyle Internship Europe Ltd.


  • Duration: 6 weeks – 6 months 
  • Typical hours: Varies, usually Mon – Fri 9.30-5PM
  • Wide range of sectors available
  • Can be supplemented with English Language courses, cultural tours, social activities and weekend excursions. 
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Rep. of Ireland

Finding a good job is hard at the best of times – with so many people going to university and rising unemployment across Europe, competition for places is greater than ever before. But there is a way to give yourself an edge over others, and to give yourself the best chance of securing a job and gaining valuable work experience, and that’s by doing a period of internship.


Partners who would like to collaborate with Foyle International on the mobility of these projects, please get in touch at