A Level/AS Level Revision courses

Spanish, Italian, German and French revision courses at A Level and AS Level.

Taught by experienced, native teachers, the AS and A-Level French, German and Spanish language revision courses at Foyle International are designed to improve oral and written fluency, expression and comprehension in an immersive classroom environment. The regular, exam-focused classes will allow students to prepare for their language exams without leaving everything until it is (too) late in the year!

From information gathered from each student in a detailed, pre-course questionnaire, we will discover the strengths and weaknesses of the class group as a whole and then create an appropriate revision course based upon these.

  • Classes are designed especially for students looking to boost their grades.
  • For very weak students, individual lessons or small group tuition (max three) is advised – please contact us for further details.
  • AS and A Level exam preparation courses are not limited to one exam board but teach compatible exam boards at the same time. Therefore, students in any one class group are catered for in the course content described above.
  • Our teachers will keep students focused, motivated and help them organise their study and learning to achieve the best results possible.
  • All teaching materials are provided

   CLASS TIMES:  Wednesdays: 4.30PM-6PM

Typically, the programme of study will concentrated on language and exam skills areas that students often have problems with, more specifically:

  • The courses are designed to increase students’ confidence in speaking through preparation for the oral exam.
  • By interacting with native speakers, students are immersed in the target language; they have chance to learn idiomatic phrases and practice pronunciation.
  • As both grammar and lack of practice in exam/essay writing can be problematic for many, the course will cover both essential grammar points as well as giving students essential essay writing techniques coupled with analysis of past papers.
  • Often, students feel they have too much information to write down and don’t know how to organise their ideas (especially in literature) therefore, they will be taught how to write concisely and clearly while still “showing off” their language knowledge.
  • As every mark counts, our teachers will suggest strategies to improve grades by focusing on exam technique skills – exam technique coaching is crucial to success!

For more information email info@foyle.eu / 028 71 371535