English Courses

General and Extra English

General & Extra English Courses

General and Extra English courses provide a solid foundation in grammar, spoken English, vocabulary and key skill areas for those who require English for work purposes, for study or simply for personal interest. Whatever your reason for learning English, we can give you the practical language skills to help you in the future.

Our qualified and enthusiastic teachers help our international students to progress in their English studies. We have a highly effective system of tutorials, homework and progress checks to ensure that you are challenged throughout your course and to monitor your progress closely.

You will receive a certificate and report at the end of your course, with advice and tips for further study. All students develop a Learner Portfolio during their course – this is a a record of marks and examples of completed work to show people your language abilities and progress.

GENERAL ENGLISH - 15 hours per week

Course level:A1 - C1 (Beginner to Advanced)
Minimum age:16 years
Class size:Max 12 (max 14 in July & August)
Class times:Mon - Fri, 9.30am - 12.45pm
Course duration:Min 2 weeks, no max
Course dates:Available all year round
Course code:GE/01

General English classes run every morning at a variety of levels. You are assessed at the beginning of your course and placed in the most appropriate class for your level.

For each level of General English there is a syllabus and course book. Additional materials are used along with these.

The syllabus and teaching materials are aligned to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and cover the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing along with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation activities.

Classes are communicative, learner-centred, interactive and fun! A wide range of activity types are used and include individual, pair and group work, projects, presentations and discussions as well as listening and writing tasks.

Learners are encouraged to build a portfolio of work that they complete over the course of their study at Foyle International. The portfolio will consist of their project work, continual assessments and samples of course work tasks.

ADD-ON afternoon modules

General English may be combined with individual tuition in the afternoons to offer you an intensive, personalised course. You may decide to take Extra English to accelerate your learning, target areas of difficulty or prepare for an exam. Alternatively you may wish to take an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) module.

We offer the following add-on modules:

EXTRA ENGLISH - 5, 10 or 15 hours

Course level:A1 - C2 (Beginner to Proficient)
Minimum age:16 years
Class size:Individual Tuition or Group (Max 12)
Class times:Afternoon sessions between 2 & 5pm
Course duration:Min 2 weeks, no max
Course dates:Available all year round
Course codes:EXT/05 EXT/10 EXT/15

Extra English is available in the afternoons at a variety of levels to supplement morning General English programmes and provide an intensive study option. The extra English module can cover either additional general English or exam preparation for any of the Cambridge exams, the IELTS exam or the Trinity suite of exams.

Lessons are taken with a personal tutor on an individual basis, and can focus on your areas of difficulty or weakness. A programme of lessons can be tailored according to your own preferences and needs, and you can discuss and decide on class content along with your tutor.

Where groups of up to 4 students at a similar level of English wish to arrange a closed group class, the Extra English module offers this option.

Groups or individuals may book either 5, 10 or 15 hours of extra English tuition per week.

ENGLISH for SPECIFIC PURPOSES - 5, 10 or 15 hours

Course level:B1 - C1 (Intermediate to Advanced)
Minimum age:18 years
Class size:Individual Tuition or Small Group
Class times:Afternoon sessions between 2 & 5pm
Course duration:Min 2 weeks, no max
Course dates:Available all year round
Course codes:ESP/05 ESP/10 ESP/15

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) modules are also available in the afternoons to supplement general courses. We offer a range of ESP areas including Business English, English for Medical Staff and English for those in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our specialist, qualified tutors design lessons to suit your learning needs and objectives. The lessons focus on professional and commercial communication skills, negotiating styles and techniques, presentations skills, social English and writing skills, but most importantly they place great emphasis on the vocabulary and expressions needed to effectively communicate in your chosen area.

Where groups of up to 6 students at a similar level of English wish to arrange a closed group class, the ESP module offers this option.

Groups or individuals may book either 5, 10 or 15 hours of ESP tuition per week.

ADD-ON sports & leisure activities

Adding an activity or sport to your language course is a great way to combine some serious academic study with some of Ireland’s best outdoor pursuits and activities. Your morning sessions take place between 9.30am and 12.45pm. Your afternoons are then spent learning and enjoying your chosen activity, from horse riding to surfing, hill-walking to golf – we have something to suit all ages and tastes.

You can also take part in the range of evening events that run throughout the year (if you still have enough energy left!) On free weekends you can join a Saturday excursion and see some of Ireland’s most iconic tourist hotspots, from the world-famous Giant’s Causeway to the Titanic Visitors Centre in Belfast.


Minimum age:13 years + (no upper limit)
Hours per week:3 hour sessions, max - 3 sessions per week (9 hours) Days and times are flexible according to weather and tides
Course dates:Available all year round (peak surfing conditions in Ireland are in autumn, winter and spring)
Other information:Suitable for all levels and abilities

Derry is ideally located for surfing, situated just 15 minutes from the peninsula of Inishowen to the north. Inishowen has some of the most consistent waves in Ireland due to its exposure to South West, West and Northerly/North-easterly swells.

Its long stretches of golden, sandy beaches make it a safe place for learning to surf, but with its breathtaking scenery it is also a world-renowned hotspot for surfing enthusiasts.

Surfing lessons take place at one of three locations around Inishowen, depending on the tides and the size of the waves: Tullagh Bay, Culdaff Beach or Ballyliffen.

Package prices include transport to and from surfing locations, surfing lessons with a qualified instructor, wetsuit, board and certification.

Horse Riding

Minimum age:13 years + (no upper limit)
Hours per week:2 hour sessions, booked according to amount of recent riding and ability
Course dates:Available all year round (indoor arena work during winter months, due to daylight considerations)
Other information:Suitable for all levels and abilities

For horse enthusiasts, Ireland is the ultimate riding destination. Derry and neighbouring county Donegal have some of the wildest and most stunning countryside and coastline on the island.

Our English plus horse riding course combines morning English classes with afternoons or weekends of horse riding including stable management and horse-care.

Depending on your level of experience you can chose from gentle country hacks or lessons to improve your basic riding skills, to show-jumping, cross-country and beach rides for the more adventurous and able rider. Our package offer includes all riding instruction and transport to and from riding locations.


Minimum age:13 years + (no upper limit)
Hours per week:2 x 9-hole games during the week, plus 1 x 18-hole game at the weekend
Course dates:Available from April to October
Other information:Suitable for all levels and abilities

The North West region has some of the best golf courses in Ireland and is home to no less than 3 Major tournament winners: Rory Mc Ilroy, Darren Clarke and Graeme Mc Dowell.

There are 24 stunning woodland and links courses within 1 hour of Derry to suit golfers of all abilities. Packages combine English lessons each morning with games of golf in the afternoons, time on the driving range or lessons with a golf instructor.

Afternoon and weekend games are played with a local Irish golfer or group of golfers, giving you the opportunity to practice your English with a native speaker.

We can arrange a selection of other sports, outdoor pursuits, activities and events upon request including:

  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Hill Walking
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Cycling

Contact us for further information and prices.