International Nursing Programme

Our International Nursing Programme is a pathway for overseas nurses to equip them with OET B needed for NMC registration. The programme provides support and guidance for nurses who want to work in the UK. This programme combines the OET for Nurses and Preparation for work in the UK. 

The aim of this course is to ensure nurses achieve OET B needed for registering with the Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK. It also provides nurses with cultural orientation and adaptation, as well as interview preparation to give nurses the best chance at succeeding in their UK career. 

Foyle is an official OET Test Venue and Derry is also home to one of three OSCE centres in the UK (Ulster University).  

Foyle International support nurses each step of the way to achieving their dream of working in the UK as a Registered Nurse.

The aim is to ensure nurses achieve 

  • OET Grade B
  • Provide support and guidance throughout the process of registering with the NMC 
  • Are ready to ‘hit the ground running’ in their UK career as a nurse
OET exam centre in UK

Course Overview

The course comprises of OET for Nurses and preparation for work in the UK. The length of the programme overall will vary, depending on the length of study needed for the English Language (OET) preparation. Please note that the OET exam itself is not included – it is booked directly through OET. 

This is the English Language preparation element to the course. Nurses are aiming to achieve OET B – this is required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for registration. 

  • 15 hours group classes per week 
  • Mock exam toward end of course 
  • Exam strategies and techniques needed to pass the OET exam 
  • Language focus required in each OET sub-tests 

Read more about the OET Preparation Course 

  • Interview preparation
  • CV workshop 
  • Guidance on NMC registration process 
  • Support with applying for Tier 2 visa 
  • Pastoral support i.e. help with setting up a UK bank account 

Nurses who wish to apply for work in the UK and secure a work permit will require OET B and CBT completed. Nurses who are successful in securing a job in the UK will work as a ‘pre-registered’ nurse whilst they prepare for the OSCE practical exam – which can be taken in Derry at Ulster University. 

Language level on entry

Recommended study period

OET Grade C+/IELTS 6.5

3 months

OET Grade C/IELTS 6.0

6 months

OET Grade D+/IELTS 5.5

9 months

OET Grade D/IELTS 5.0 or lower

12 months (or more)

Entry requirements


  • Qualified nurse from overseas. Evidence of English Language learning 


  • Previous English Language learning or certificates desirable but not required.
  • NMC evaluation completed 
  • CBT completed 

Duration: 3,6, 9+ months, depending on level of English | Visa: Standard Visitor Visa, or Short Term Student Visa



This course is specifically for overseas nurses who are qualified to work as a nurse in their home country.

The duration depends on the nurses’ level of English at the start of the programme – studying OET Preparation Course from 3-12 months in total. 


  • Qualified nurse in home country
  • Minimum level of English IELTS level 5.0/5.5 (IELTS certificate is not required for application for a UK Visitor Visa)
  • NMC Computer Based Test (CBT) completed 
  • NMC Evalutation completed 

Monday 7th June 2021

Currently 10 day self-isolation is required for arrivals to the UK and Northern Ireland.

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