General and Extra English Courses

Minimum age:All ages
Course dates:Available all year round
Course duration:Minimum 2 weeks

General and Extra English courses provide a solid foundation in grammar, spoken English, vocabulary and key skill areas for those who require English for work purposes, for study or simply for personal interest. Whatever your reason for learning English, we can give you the practical language skills to help you in the future.

Our qualified and enthusiastic teachers help our international students to progress in their English studies. We have a highly effective system of tutorials, homework and progress checks to ensure that you are challenged throughout your course and to monitor your progress closely.

You will receive a certificate and report at the end of your course, with advice and tips for further study. All students develop a Learner Portfolio during their course – this is a a record of marks and examples of completed work to show people your language abilities and progress.


English for Specific Purpose (ESP) Courses

Minimum Age:18 years +
Course dates:Contact Us –
Course duration:Minimum 1 or 2 weeks

We offer a range of English courses which focus on using English in specific settings, including English for Medical purposes, English for Wine Producers and English for those in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our qualified and experienced tutors design lessons to suit your learning needs and objectives. The lessons focus on professional and commercial communication skills, negotiating styles and techniques, presentations skills, social English and writing skills, but most importantly they place great emphasis on the vocabulary and expressions needed to effectively communicate in your chosen area. We offer small group classes and/or individually designed one-to-one lessons.

English Plus Programme Courses

Minimum age:All Ages
Course dates:Contact Us –
Course duration:Minimum 2 weeks

An English Plus Programme is a great way to learn and practice your English while enjoying an action-packed, fun activity break. You are guaranteed to make new friends, take home fantastic memories of Derry and most of all – really improve your English!

  • English Plus Football
  • English Plus Golf
  • English Plus Tennis
  • English Plus Horse Riding
  • English Plus Surfing
  • English Plus Hill Walking


Summer and Vacational Courses

Minimum age:12 years
Course dates:Summer
Course duration:2 weeks

We offer a range of summer school and vacation courses for juniors and adults. By combining language classes with an integrated programme of extended learning activities and excursions, our students are able to see a dramatic improvement in their confidence and English skills.

  • Teen Summer Camp
  • Adult Summer School
  • English & Horse Riding Residential Summer Camp
  • English & Surfing Residential Summer Camp


Examination Courses

Minimum age:16 years +
Course dates:Available all year round
Course duration:It depends on the course

We provide tuition and preparation for a range of English examinations, including Cambridge, IELTS and TOEIC. Our experienced tutors provide exam tips and techniques to help students achieve top marks in their chosen exam. Courses aim to increase the confidence and fluency of each student, and provide practice in different examination areas.

  • IELTS Examination Preparation Course
  • IELTS Intensive Examination Preparation Course
  • IELTS Essential Exam Skills & Strategies Live Online Preparation Course
  • Cambridge FCE Preparation Course
  • Cambridge CAE Preparation Course


High School Programmes in Uk / Ireland

Minimum age:16 years +
Course dates:September
Course duration:Between 1 term and 3 terms

The High School programme offers young international students the opportunity to live with a carefully selected local host family and attend a local secondary school either in Derry (Northern Ireland) or in Letterkenny (Republic of Ireland). Students can spend between 1 term and 3 terms (full academic year) attending school, supported by our team of coordinators and student mentors.

By living with a family and studying at the local secondary school, students become fluent in another language, open their minds to another culture, make lifelong friends and learn more than ever about themselves and the world around them.