Employability & Work Skills course

This programme is ideal for those who wish to improve their work skills in order to obtain a job or to advance in their training/workplace.

The programme can lead to learners receiving a BTEC Workskills qualification or credits, these are internationally-recognised on the UK’s Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF) and can be referenced on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). These units are designed and accredited by Edexcel (Pearson Education), the leading provider of internationally recognised vocational qualifications.

For those not wishing to pursue a formal qualification Foyle International will award a Certificate of Achievement for anyone who successfully completes the course. 

Course content

The Employability Skills course compliments any theoretical, practical or academic qualifications that learners have already achieved or are working towards. The course has been designed as an ‘add-on’ qualification to meet the demands and needs of employers. Learners will develop wider employability skills and a positive attitude to succeed in the workplace. They will also develop skills and competencies in communication, working as part of a team, problem solving and the softer skills such as a ‘can do’ attitude, eagerness to learn and adaptability.

The course is made of up of individual units. Example units include:

  • Career Development – this unit helps learners look at where they are presently and where they’d like to be in terms of their career progression. It will help them to plan out the steps they need to undertake in order to reach their career goals.
  • Presentation Skills for Work – You will consider different situations of when a presentation would be used and gain an understanding of how to research key information and then structure it into a presentation. You will be expected to plan, prepare and deliver a presentation and reflect on your performance.
  • Strategies to Improve Job Interview Skills – this unit will develop and build upon skills gained from previous interview experiences. You will approach interview preparation and being interviewed with greater confidence. You will prepare for and take place in a number of mock interviews undertaking different methods of assessments.
  • Maximising Potential when Applying for a Job – this unit will help to develop skills needed to compete in the job market and promote yourself in the best light to prospective employers. You will produce covering letters, CVs and application forms which should match an advertised post.
  • Developing Confidence for Work – this unit will be assessed by mixing theory and practical assessments. You will study behaviour by looking at work based scenarios and identifying key behaviours. You will carry out a SWOT analysis and consider the different steps you need to complete to build on your own confidence. You will learn how to be assertive in an effective way and build on personal relationships, demonstrating positive behaviour in the workplace.
  • Negotiation Skills and Persuasion in the Workplace – This unit will look at communication skills and when and how these skills may be used. You will learn techniques and then apply them in practical demonstrations. You will have a chance to review your techniques and make recommendations.
  • Personal Skills for Leadership – Leadership is highly valued by employers. You will study and examine different behaviours, roles and styles exhibited by leaders and then you will have the opportunity to conduct a self-examination through role-plays and simulations. You will be required to produce a plan for developing your own personal leadership skills.

Units offered can be tailored to meet the needs of the learner.


If required Foyle International will source and manage unpaid work placements for learners in a wide range of vocational areas.

Learners will;

  • have the opportunity to put into practice the skills which they have learnt on the course
  • be monitored and guided throughout their work placement
  • complete assignments to reflect on the experience and re-evaluate own performance

The course can be complimented with Foyle International’s language and cultural programme ‘English for Work’ which equips learners with the appropriate language skills and confidence to communicate in English as well as develop an awareness and appreciation of working in a different cultural environment.

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