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erasmus+ key action 1

5 Reasons to take an Erasmus+ experience abroad

Foyle International have an amazing opportunity for young people from Northern Ireland to work and live abroad in Erasmus+ countries, fully funded by the European Union. The internships last either 4 or 12 weeks in duration. The project is under Erasmus+ Key Action 1: Mobility of Individuals, which is all about providing opportunities for individuals across Europe to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness. Here are some reasons why you should take an Erasmus+ internship abroad:

1. Boost your CV

Real work experience and on-the-job training will boost your employability prospects. Future employers will value your experience working abroad in another country and another culture. Living or working abroad demonstrates to employers that you can adapt quickly to new environments and you are resilient and flexible. Immersing yourself in a new country is the best way to really learn about the local culture and the way of life. Completing an Erasmus+ internship abroad shows employers that you are independent and you are not afraid to an take on new challenges.

2. Gain confidence

Working abroad in a new environment will develop your interpersonal and professional skills. Whilst Erasmus+ experiences abroad can be exciting, it can also be daunting. Students will still face challenges in adjusting to their new environment – such as starting a new internship in a new country where you are not familiar with the culture or the language. Overcoming these challenges will build your resilience and help you to gain confidence in your own abilities. travel and work abroad portugal lisbon

2. Improve your language skills

A work internship in Europe is a great chance for you to improve your Spanish, French, German etc. language skills. Even if you don’t have any previous language ability for your destination, don’t worry – all of the work internships provided are in workplaces or cities where there is a high level of English spoken. However, it’s still a great chance to learn new words in your new language and make an effort to communicate with your colleagues in their mother tongue! There is no better way to learn a new language!  

4. Broaden your horizons!

Living and working in an international environment will give you a new perspective on the world. You will gain cultural awareness and help you relate to people in and outside of your workplace. You will strengthen your soft skills – such as communication, conflict resolution and team work. Not to mention the fact you have the chance to travel to destinations you may otherwise never travel to! 

5. Meet new people and make life-long connections

On your Erasmus+ internship abroad, you will meet many new people on your journey. You will meet other students from around the world who are on similar programmes, as well as making connections with your colleagues in the work place and the local people. Guaranteed you will make connections with people during your experience who will become life-long friends!
Erasmus+ internship in france
N. Irish students on Erasmus+ internship in the South of France 2019

After Brexit, the UK government has decided to leave Erasmus+, meaning that sadly this opportunity wont be around forever. Foyle International has limited places available for Northern Irish locals to take part in Erasmus+ until the end of 2022.

Applications are currently open – get in touch at to register your interest and to see if you are eligible.

oet exam day what to bring

Guide to OET Test Day at Foyle International

If you are taking the OET exam at Foyle International here is some important information which you will need for the test day. All necessary information will also be emailed to you in advance from Foyle’s OET Venue Manager – please ensure you have ‘’ added to your ‘safe senders’ and keep an eye on your junk inbox!

1. Getting here

We are based in Derry city centre, just inside the city walls. Our address is 17-21 Magazine Street. We are a 5 minute walk from the Foyle Street Bus Depot.

2. Parking

If you are arriving by car then you can park nearby at the following locations:

Free on-street parking is available, although limited at Fahan Street.

3. Where to stay

Image: Maldron Hotel Derry

If you are travelling from outside of Derry and wish to book accommodation close-by, the Maldron Hotel is closest to Foyle International – about a 1-minute walk to the test venue. 

4. Test Day Registration – Morning exams (7.15AM - 8.15AM)

When you first arrive at Foyle International on the morning of the OET exam, you will need to go through a registration process before being permitted to enter the test room. 

Due to Covid 19 health and safety restrictions, you have been assigned a registration time which you will find in your email approximately one week before the OET exam. You must be present to register at this time. (Registration is usually between 7.15AM-8.15AM)

Late Candidates will not be permitted to enter the test room and may request a Test Day deferral.

What you need to bring

  • Photo ID that you used to register for the exam
  • Candidate Day Declaration Form, signed
  • A clear plastic bag with the items you are permitted to take into the test room
  • Stationary – including several 2B pencils for your exams
  • Ensure you read OET's guidelines about the items you need on test day and what you can/can't bring into the test room!

Read OET’s Ultimate Guide to Test Day: Part 1 

2b pencil for OET exam

5. Timetable for OET Test Day

Please note that the times stated in this timetable is when you must be seated in the test room, ready for the pre-test instructions.

  • 9.00AM - OET Listening sub-test
  • 10.00AM - OET Reading sub-test
  • 11.00AM - OET Writing sub-test
  • 12.30PM -  end of the day - OET Speaking sub-test

Note: The Listening, Reading and Writing tests run consecutively with only authorised bathroom breaks.

6. Re-registering for your Speaking Exam – from 12 noon

After you have completed the morning OET sub-tests, you will usually have a chance to retrieve your items from the cloakroom, leave the test venue to go and have lunch/a break.

You will need to re-register for the Speaking sub-test at least 30 minutes before your allocated Speaking sub-test time.

For more information on OET test day or about OET preparation courses at Foyle International, please get in touch at 

vocational training in ireland

Erasmus+ 2021-2027: Foyle across the Island of Ireland

The new Erasmus+ programme has a budget of 26.2 billion EURO, compared with 14.7 billion for 2014-2020. Applications for new projects are now open. Partners can include Foyle International as  both a UK and Irish partner. In the new Erasmus+ VET applications for 2021, partners can include the UK as a partner country. This means participants can still come to Derry in the North of Ireland. erasmus+ partner in ireland

Erasmus+ across the Island of Ireland

Foyle International’s main office and college is based in Derry, Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. We have been welcoming European and International students to Derry for over 30 years.  Since 2016, we have expanded our Erasmus+ offering into the Republic of Ireland. We have offices in Dublin, Donegal and Sligo. Read: 6 Reasons to choose Foyle as your Erasmus+ partner 

2021 Erasmus+ applications: Derry (UK)

The UK is now a partner country. This means that Foyle can continue to participate as a UK partner through:
  • KA1 Mobility of Individuals (VET) students
  • KA1 Mobility of Staff
  • KA2 Strategic Partnerships

2021 Erasmus+ applications: Republic of Ireland (Donegal, Sligo and Dublin)

The Republic of Ireland is a programme country. Foyle also participates as an IRISH partner through:
  • KA1 Mobility of Individuals (VET students)
  • KA1 Mobility of Staff
  • KA2 Strategic Partnerships – including as a lead partner

Our Locations

peace bridge walk
Derry, N. Ireland

Include Foyle International as a UK and/or as an IRISH partner in the new applications for Erasmus+. The deadline is the 11th May 2021. Please get in touch to find out more. You can reach us at / +44 (0) 28 71 371 535


Erasmus+ : 6 Reasons to Partner with Foyle

Who are Foyle International?

Foyle has been participating in EU projects since 1995 and we have been welcoming students to the North of Ireland for over 30 years. We were established in 1990 by our current Director, Paul Murray. Foyle started initially as an English Language school and has evolved into a linguistic and vocational college welcoming students from all parts of the world. We specialise in Vocational, Linguistic and Educational Training. 

1. Over 30 years of experience

We have been welcoming students through our doors for over 30 years. Our staff have a lot of experience working with international students from a range of different cultural backgrounds. For over 25 years we have been involved in EU projects such as Petra II, Leonardo da Vinci, Youth and more. In regards to Erasmus+, we have extensive experience in KA1 projects: we receive and send VET students on Erasmus+ internships, host KA1 staff mobility projects and have participated in many KA2 strategic partnership projects over the years. Click here to read more about our current EU projects.
Angela, Elena, Veronica from Italy Coach to Coach KA1 VET staff mobility 2015
Rafael, Lukas Damien (KA1 Student Mobility) from Germany, April 2015
IFOM Teacher Training Course 2018

2. Based throughout the island of Ireland – include us as both a UK & Irish partner

Our head office and college is based in Derry, North of Ireland – which is part of the UK. Derry is a unique location, based just on the border of the UK and Republic of Ireland. We have also been receiving participants in the Republic of Ireland since 2016. We have offices in Donegal, Sligo and Dublin. Partners can include Foyle as a UK and Irish partner in 2021 applications.  erasmus plus in ireland

3. We work within your budget

Derry, Donegal and Sligo, not only being located in the most scenic part of Ireland with a variety of green to digital industries, they are also very cost-effective locations regarding the Erasmus + budget. If however students want to enjoy the capital city of Dublin with its world famous urban hospitality, shopping and night life and of course to have the opportunity to have internships in the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon, then again Foyle can work within your chosen budget to make this happen.

4. Large range of placement sectors available

Foyle work with a vast range of employers throughout the country, ranging from Tourism & Hospitality to Engineering & IT, to Marketing and Finance. We match participants with a host company based on their profile, interests and experience.

5. Over 800 participants per year

We host around 800 participants per year on Erasmus+ internships.  In addition to that, we host staff mobility projects and welcome partners to Foyle throughout the year on KA2 projects.

6. Experience hosting during COVID-19

Foyle has experience in hosting students during COVID-19. We have a coronavirus strategy in place to ensure the safety of students and staff and we always follow the latest government advice. One method is the ‘bubble system’ where students are in bubbles in regards to their accommodation, work internship and a Foyle staff member.  we are covid ready

Come and be part of the NEW Ireland – one hundred thousand welcomes!!!

Include Foyle International as a UK and/or as an IRISH partner in the new applications for Erasmus+. The deadline is the 11th May 2021. Please get in touch to find out more. You can reach us at / +44 (0) 28 71 371 535