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The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is a European initiative, allowing for the accumulation and transfer of credits gained through the recognition of learning outcomes in vocational education and training (VET) across Europe. ECVET has been developed to facilitate the recognition of achievements in vocational education and training, in formal, informal and non-formal learning. Although ECVET is underpinned by European legislation, participation is voluntary and national protocols are respected.

The aim of ECVET is to facilitate the mobility of the workforce in VET across Europe. It has been tested in pilot projects across the European Union with the intention of extending its application gradually to a wider range of VET qualifications, either existing or new – as part of the Education and Training 2020 initiative.

ECVET facilitates the mobility of VET students by enabling the accumulation of credits from different training providers in different countries. Credits are validated by each awarding institution and recognised by the awarding body of the final qualification.


We have played a led role in researching, experimenting and implementing ECVET within mobilities n a number of different projects including MobEx, EuPQua, ECVET, ECVET Mobility NET and we are currently involed in VET towards ECVET in a range of vocational areas.  

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We include ECVET principles and use ECVET tools as part of many of our mobility projects and continue to develop this service with our European sending partners thus improving the quality of our mobility programmes. 

We have developed excelled relationships with the two Northern Irish/UK ECVET Experts. Our MobEX project actually features as a case study on the UK ECVET Experts Website.

For more information on our role in ECVET please get in touch with our European Programmes Manager – feargal@foyle.eu